Complete Real Estate Appraisals by a PA State Certified Appraisers

Make smarter investment decisions with complete real estate appraisals by a highly trained General and Residential Appraisers. Absolute Real Estate Appraisals in York, Pennsylvania, offers appraisal services for a wide range of clients.

Any Property
Choose an appraisal company with a wealth of experience. With more than 40 years in the business, Mr. Smith performs all types of appraisals for any property, including:

Residential - Single Family Duplexes, Vacation Homes, Condos
Farms - Working Farms, Gentleman's Farms, Horse Farms
Commercial - Shopping Centers, Churches, Schools
Land - Development Land, Construction, Woodland
Lots - Vacant Building Lots, Recreation lots, Add-On Lots
Multi-Units - Apartment Houses, Conversions, Multi-Family Dwellings
Investment - Income-Producing Properties, Bought & Sold Property

Office of Absolute Real Estate Appraisals

Any Client
Whether you're preparing to sell your home due to a divorce or making your next real estate investment, Absolute Real Estate Appraisals gives you the information you need. Mr. Smith works for:

• Banks
• Mortgage Companies
• Credit Unions
• Attorneys
• Courts
• Service Companies
• Relocation Companies
• Municipalities
• Community Block Grant Programs
• Individuals
• Estates

Any Purpose
There are many reasons that you might need an appraisal. We offer an affordable and trustworthy service for anyone who is:

• Considering a Public Sale
• Listing a Property
• Making a Tax Appeal
• Buying a Property
• Signing a Sales Agreement
• Applying for a Home Equity Loan

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